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We hope looking to save on the other, that he had done, my wife Lyn sleeping with another man I enjoyed looking at it, I had very mixed feelings on the inside, not what I thought of all, they felt guilty that pass through the rent was not what I expected to see did not even know that the story takes place in our bed, I had to listen outside the drtuber door of the drtuber room, not what I had in mind ot a point that was like a nightmare drtuber for me when I go to bed with heating and Lyn called stairs seem masculinity had Brian, he was much taller than me, and I knew that my wife had it, would be the first time when was penetrated by something like this size in your life, I felt I had made ​​a big mistake, I knew that there is no back n it was gone, I made ​​my way, I do not know what I was punished when I got there, or what would be the reaction Lyn, I slowly opened the door, the light turned Lyn in bed as much as he had left, I would say that she was naked her legs tight, that looked in silence each other, neither of us wanted to say something, seemingly forever, his hair was a little mast, as if they worked hard on a hot day was drtuber sweaty, his expression does not seem guilty, but ignorant, I think she was awaiting a response from me, she patted the drtuber bed to show me your link to everything I had in my underwear, lay down beside me on my side of the bed, the first thing I noticed was a wet spot that was in the installation, I looked at her nipples, which were quite considerable, not dark red spots on one breast, looked inside the red legs and on, she was speaking first, they asked him what feels good, you're excited, I was speechless for the first solid, no, I'm fine, I'm fine, then smiled, broke the ice, I asked how they are, she I smiled very drtuber well, I really love you, then we kissed, we hugged started talking, while a little embarrassed, which was the first time this happened, we did not knowwant each other to blame, but we at the same time, his voice and said, soon came to believe that broken on my Lyn was more concerned if I could handle it now has been made, fun was when we where new people who know each other, I started asking questions, at first I do not think Lyn wanted to answer them, you may be thinking my heart, but he did, I was punished, as it was for them, as if his first a brilliant experience was good and was very far away, that had never been to a climax as little or as much earlier, I said what about its size, position ( of a total, there were seven inches and a half left, but it was a very fat ), so it was a good taller than me in almost three inches, and if I have luck I have a quarter of its thickness, said it was a hell of a shock at first the first time that I have in hand, that has bothered a little, and only joking when acorn in his mouth, he said to ask if they could, (I have a note orRAL is a very back, which she has always said that I do not like ) We have to, I wanted to know what he told me about sex, and she said she was that the door of my thought them could not drtuber in the room with me, and now he she let me in, told him that was not very good I was doing something with violence descended upon them for a long time, and had an drtuber orgasm when he rode was very clever for him, he made ​​sure that, as he said, which was very large, which came, it was massive, its scope, it felt like the pussy of his helmet, lay like a giant plug pushed it, but the wave of the second half, but got bigger when she got home from the right, and felt like I was drtuber very deep, was that he was there the feeling complacent in drtuber this world, and could get his rhythm and long bursts drtuber as never before had three times, each time it is much easier to take him, for the first time after returning where ASTRide him and the last time then it took her dog hard, I asked if cum a lot, laughed and said, God knows God, how much has been said, we should see the size of your ball cocks she laughed : large dam I found my stiff cock Lyn now held in his fingers, my hand slipped between her legs, spreading her pussy was very wet and swollen, and my finger was that it was wet and sticky, she said not use condoms looked in the bedside table and there was the package that condoms had left open, Lyn did not respond, they must have been happy to let it go bareback, at this point, what I do, not I'm done, but I'm at it down first, I wanted it to stop, but I was there, I found her clitoris, I had never seen, as it has spread and keeps coming all swollen, I've never seen as great as that, I tried it I have a musky, salty taste, as my drtuber tongue worked on it, it was very sticky, her mouth was around my cock she was sucking hisPussy was wide open and stretched and said up to cum on my face, which made a lot of things coming thick and creamy in my mouth, swallow me, while I had to let go drtuber shot my first explosion Lyn Hared have sucked all I had to give, never done that before in his life, some time later, I wanted to take her there was not much that I was so relaxed and open, you can go to another position with the mixture yours, we both know that this is not the end
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